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Welcome to the Prehistoric Lithic Library!

Here you will find access to the world of archaeological and prehistoric lithic raw material. In addition to the subjects of ceramics and or floral faunal remains, archeology deals with the matter of stones. Artifacts made of rocks are currently the most traditional human heritage. This is not only due to the versatile use of lithic artefacts by prehistoric men but above all to the good preservation of the material. While wood or other organic materials - bone tools are also delivered well, but more fragile - the weathering are exposed more or less, stones survive over the time.

Today's prehistoric research follows the trend of the exact analysis of the technological artifacts. Not only the form and function are important, issues such as wear, origin of the raw material, the degree of so-called chaîne opératoire ("production progress"), and many other aspects are more in the front.

In matter of this the development of a detailed Lithic Library of prehistoricly used stones as raw materials shall give laymen and researchers the opportunity to give especially artifacts from non-local materials fund to uniquely assigned regions. This can not and should not be laid on the completeness.

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WICHTIGE INFO: Zur Zeit wird die Homepage auf Englisch umgestellt, daher sind viele Punkte noch Deutsch und viele bereits Englisch. Ich bitte dies zu entschuldigen. Danke! :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the time the website will be changed into english. Many points are still in german and others already in english. I apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you! :)



archaeological news

Roth, Georg (2008) GEBEN UND NEHMEN. Eine wirtschaftshistorische Studie zum neolithischen Hornsteinbergbau von Abensberg-Arnhofen, Kr. Kelheim (Niederbayern)[in IV Bänden]. Dissertation thesis, Universität zu Köln. Link
01.04.2011 Aufräumen am Jaspisbergwerk (Kleinkems / D)
05.01.2011 Neues vom Feuersteinbergbau bei Lägern/Olten (CH) Link veraltet
09.07.2010 Neuer Hornstein-Abbauplatz in Lägern (CH) gefunden Link veraltet
27.06.2010 Landesdenkmalschutzgesetz in Sachsen vor dem Aus? Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3 veraltet | Link 4

homepage news

new location added:      Riley, Oregon, USA (Obsidian) [06.10.2012]

alert:      Arktische Waljäger vor 3000 Jahren - Unbekannte sibirische Kunst (A.M. Leskov; H. Müller-Beck [Hrsg.] 1995)

!!!!!!! only 15 EUR !!!!!!!


not found yet:      dove grey silex from the are of Belgium-Netherlands-Germany (Rhine-Maas-area); see here.


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